The Drawbacks of Using [Facebook Ads]

Facebook is the most famous platform in the world, with over 2.23 billion registered users. There are more than 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and more than 7 million advertisers actively promoting their business. Obviously, it is considered one of the top advertising channels online. Marketers who use Facebook Ads are often impressed by its targeting options, the tools they have for creating beautiful, engaging ads, etc. Looking at many companies’ campaigns shows that Facebook Ads can be effective and give high ROI.

The first thought that comes to a person after reading this paragraph is to use Facebook for their marketing campaign. The truth is, there are a couple of reasons why you should look beyond this famous platform. In this article, we will debunk all the myths and make clear if using Facebook Ads is really worth it.

Does it Cost too Much?

A few years ago, Facebook was a great place to promote your product to the eyes of potential customers. Now it has become more of a pay to play platform. The high demand for space and the fact that users were fed up with the large amount of ads has led to the shrinkage of organic reach. Because of this, companies that want to have significant results need to pay for ads that are specifically shown to their target audience.

In other words, if you want your content to be seen, you need a sizable budget.

Less Organic Reach

The organic reach of Facebook Ads has actually decreased to 1% or 2% recently. As a result your posts aren’t reaching a fresh, new audience but those who have seen your content before. This makes your ads on the platform partly ineffective.

Not the Most Preferred Social Media Platform anymore

Nowadays, people spend more time on other social networks such as Tiktok and Instagram . Facebook might still have the highest number of users, but it is not the majority’s top choice anymore. 

Specific Traits of Facebook’s Targeting Tools

Who and When Sees the Ads?

Only users who are logged can see your ads. Authorizing isn’t enough, they also need to view their feed. On the other hand, when you advertise on AdWords, for instance, your ads are shown to everyone who uses the internet. But on Facebook, everything happens behind a login.

Depending on your target market, the majority of the large potential audience can be irrelevant. For example, we would not recommend Facebook Advertising if you only supply products or services to one town.

Another disadvantage is the absence of an option to target your ads at certain times within the day or on certain days of the week unless you choose a lifetime budget.

Are The Reported Statistics Accurate?

Facebook has been criticized over the years for reporting metrics that aren’t always correct. There have been issues of over reporting metrics such as the video play metric, instant articles metrics and metrics for apps referrals.

Because repeat visits aren’t removed, the organic reach isn’t reported correctly.

To these accusations, Facebook published that it has taken measures to correct the issues.

Will these work? Only time will tell.

Competition: Is it Possible For Small Businesses to Succeed?

The increasing number of businesses using Facebook advertising means that catching people’s attention and getting your ad noticed within the users’ news feed can be difficult, and requires creative ad-sets which can lead to an additional resource cost. 

Many fake ads have put the credibility of small businesses to question. Because of this, interaction with the users viewing your ads is little and the conversion rate might be low as well.

Not suitable for every product

Some sectors simply aren’t allowed to advertise on Facebook. This is to ensure that people using Facebook enjoy a safe user experience. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for companies in the adult, pharmaceutical, gaming and weaponry industries, as well as affiliate marketers to use these platforms effectively.

The 20% Rule

In the past, if your Facebook advert had more than 20% of the image covered with text, it wouldn’t be approved. While Facebook has relaxed this policy in recent years, it is still recommended to use less than 20% text in your image.

It Takes Time and Requires Commitment

Finally, every company should understand that running a Facebook page requires commitment. This may be fine for large businesses that can employ a social media manager, but smaller companies may not have the time or energy to regularly update their pages.

Loss of Control

While account owners have control of what remains on their public profile, there is little control over who posts information or what those posts contain. It is easier for a competitor, angry customer, or an unsatisfied employee to post negative comments or reviews on your Facebook wall that are harmful to the business.

In Conclusion

Now that you know all the disadvantages and drawbacks of using Facebook Ads, you can decide if it is suitable for your product. If it’s not, do not get upset, read our recent article about Influencer Marketing and discover all the secrets to successful marketing campaigns. Please write your questions in the comments below, we’ll be extremely happy to help your business:)

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