Optimization of The User Acquisition Process

Attracting New Customers to the Site. Optimization of the User Acquisition Process

One of the most common bottlenecks for startups is at the very top of the sales funnel: how to get people to your product site. If you can’t even start a dialogue with a potential client, then you have no chance of selling anything to him.

One of the most common misconceptions among aspiring entrepreneurs is that if we create a product, customers will come by themselves. In today’s realities, the average person is under constant pressure – information from social networks, radio, TV, iPhone, billboards on the street pours on him. In such conditions time and attention become the most valuable and rare resources. Creating a product and a website about it is not enough right now to attract the attention of potential customers.

To start looking for ways to remove this bottleneck, let’s write down the doubts and motivating factors that affect your prospects.

Doubts of potential customers:

  • I do not want to waste time on anything that does not bring immediate benefit or does not ideally meet my requirements / requests
  • I hate it when they sell me something
  • If it doesn’t make it to the first page of search engine results, then don’t waste time researching this product.
  • What if there is an even more convenient / high-quality / good product in this category from another company
  • What if there is a product similar in quality, but at a better price?

Motivating factors of potential customer:

  • I have a problem and I will be happy to find a solution
  • If my friends recommend a product to me, I will be happy to try it
  • If I can get something for free and it makes sense to me, then I’ll be happy to try it.
  • I trust the opinion of a certain expert / site / company in this matter and will go for a recommendation to them
  • I enjoy spending time on sites where I can learn something new in areas that interest me

To grab the attention of your potential customers, you need to give them something that provides value to them.❗️

Translated from: www.gopractice.ru

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