The Digital {Royal Family}

The Digital “Royal Family”

There are four major aspects of digital marketing: sometimes figuratively called “royal family.” They are the cornerstones of successful digital marketing campaigns. These are the areas that every entrepreneur needs to know how to succeed in the digital era.

Content is still “King”

Although the “Content is King” phrase is used so often that it is a cliché turned, it is more true than ever. Content remains digital marketing’s vital force. Without content, any kind of strategy and tactics are useless.

So what exactly is content? On the Internet, any digital thing is content: website’s texts, blog posts, infographics, newsletters, surveys, campaigns, videos, web and mobile attachments. Anything designed to add value to an audience, whether it is information or entertainment, is content. The Internet is full of mediocre quality content which makes it more important to create one that has a clear strategy. A strategy that in turn is based on specific goals and expectations.

Digital advertising is the “Queen”

In the digital marketing hierarchy, next is the queen, digital advertising. The amount spent on digital advertising increases by 15% every year, regardless of geographical location. Businesses can not ignore this fact and thus stay out of the competition.

The mobile phone is “The Prince”

When it comes to children, it gets a little more messy. Because they are more “young” and unpredictable. However, their capabilities are endless and, relatively, still less used.

All sorts of research say that mobile devices prevail, and this trend will continue. Because humans are looking for more and more information via smartphones, mobile marketing is getting a bigger role in digital marketing. As the cell phone grows, there is a belief that it will become the next “king.”

The social media is “Princess”

The “beauty” of the family, of course, is the social network. It is not afraid of risks and changes, and
although it is changing at a crazy speed. The fact that adapting to change is not easy, businesses can not
ignore the importance of social network.
Many businesses do not fully understand the how to implement the social media strategies. You need to find and understand exactly what works the best for each specific business.

Royal Family

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