How to create your personal brand?

Personal branding’s concept is really important as you need to know how to create your personal brand. It becomes extremely important in this world where you have to stand out with your brand. Let’s start with the example of the picture below. What do you feel when you look at these bottles of water? Many of you will say transparency, purity, thirst, you would have positive feelings about water. But you also might feel negative about it because the left bottle is unknown, it means you never know what’s inside this bottle of water because this bottle is unbranded. As soon as we add a brand to it you might feel more confident and start trusting it.

Same thing with people and it’s totally up to you what brand you create for yourself but it’s important that you do have a brand because it’s really easy to communicate who you are in a professional setting, in interviews and so on. Afterward we will show how to position yourself for success, how to create personal brand and basically it makes an analogy of riding a horse. But before we go to 6 “horses” here is a piece of advice: DO NOT TRY TO BE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE.  Educator, marketing specialist, strategist, nice guy… If you are trying to be everything to everyone, they’re not going to believe all of those brands and they aren’t going to remember all of them. It’s really important to brand yourself someone very understandable and clear, something that is not universal but rather specific. In this way you will have a vector or direction. So being everything to everyone never really works in a professional setting.

For positioning your personal brand for success, pick a horse and ride it!

Try and make mistakes

Obviously, all startups are following it. Fail fast, learn fast is basically the slogan for all the startups. Same with people, we all are kind of startups and unless we make mistakes we really don’t understand what brand we really are and what are our competitive advantages as human beings and professionals are.  Trying and making mistakes is always a good idea. Having that clear and understandable personal brand means nothing if you do not make people believe and remember that brand. So what you need to do is …

Burn your mind in their minds

Make people remember you with your attitude, style, professional approach and, of course, smile. Due to this “horse” your name will stand out from the crowd and come to clients mind firstly when they will try to find a specialist or refer to someone else.

Avoid the line extension trap

A real life example here is having a family of ecologists but deciding to do a career in law and becoming a successful one. The main motivation here is the idea of not being an extension of family profession. Just try to be yourself and the continues of some existing brand because that is their brand and not yours.

Don’t only work hard. Work smart!

A famous words of Steve Jobs whose personal brand has a huge role in his and Apples success. Here is his definition of the word SMART.

Realize that success in life is based more what others can do for you than on what you can do for yourself.

People are really willing to help so that’s okay to ask for that help and expect actually other people’s help. That is what will position yourself for Success

Find a horse to ride

There are 6 horses to rise to create your personal brand and succeed your career.

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